Copywriting training

Inspiring in-house copywriting training for individuals and teams, beginners to advanced – traditional and digital. Delivered for your organisation by Nigel Temple.

List of Nigel’s Copywriting training workshops

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Would you like to learn how to:
* Connect with readers and get their attention?
* Get the writing done much faster?
* Generate more response from your copy?
* Continuously improve your results?

The training can be delivered at your offices, via Zoom or at a conference or other event.

A discussion on AI Copywriting and how it can help you can be added to all workshops. Nigel also offers: AI Copywriting training.

Nigel Temple has shown thousands of marketers, communications professionals, executives, business owners, charities and marketing agencies how to improve their writing skills during his copywriting training workshops.

He delivers enjoyable training workshops and talks which make a real difference to your copywriting.

Once you connect with your ‘inner writer’, the words start to flow, both for traditional forms of communication and for digital marketing. Nigel’s approach makes it easy to improve engagement and response rates.

Mind Map of the key points

You will receive a Mind Map® showing the key learning points.
Mind Maps make it easier for everyone to remember the copywriting tips, ideas and techniques.

Book a Zoom session

Book a copywriting training session via Zoom for up to 5 people from a single organisation.

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Top copywriting tips & ideas

The emphasis is on practical skills that you can put to use immediately. Nigel shares insights and ideas from his experience as a professional copywriter and trainer.

Professional copywriting skills can make all the difference. The ability to write clearly and quickly has never been more important for your enterprise.

Copywriting training testimonials

“I’ve had some really positive feedback about the copywriting training course and the team has said that it was was insightful.” Victoria Parker, Marketing Manager, Wightman & Parrish

“Thanks so much for all the invaluable copywriting training. It’s helped me so much in giving me clear, actionable tips that I can put into practise straight away. My manager has noticed a huge improvement to my copywriting. Will definitely have your advice in mind for years to come!” ~ Yolanda Martin, Sport England

“Your presentation was exceptional! The way you delivered it was informative, engaging and enjoyable. We all felt genuinely inspired to incorporate your suggestions into our copy.” ~ Monika Jankauskaite, Digital Marketing Manager, Future Care Group | “I entirely agree. You made quite an impact Nigel!” ~ Janice Hawkins, Group Head of Sales and Marketing, Future Care Group

Nigel Temple

Copywriting trainer

Nigel originally trained as a professional copywriter and he has been writing ever since. He has written over three million words of sales and marketing copy. Nigel has trained hundreds of organisations and thousands of people in the art and science of copywriting.

His first book was entitled Writing Copy for the Web. Nigel loves to write and he enjoys teaching people how to improve their professional writing skills. [More]

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