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Copywriting training for individuals and teams, beginners to advanced – traditional and digital. Delivered by Nigel Temple.

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Would you like to learn how to:
* Connect with readers and get their attention?
* Structure your content, in order to get better results?
* Write effective headlines, subheads and bodycopy?
* Get the writing done within the limited time available?
* Continuously improve your results?

Learn by looking at your copy, with feedback and ideas from Nigel.

NEW! A discussion on AI Copywriting and how it can help you can be added to all courses. Nigel also offers AI Copywriting training.

Professional copywriting can make all the difference. The ability to write clearly and quickly has never been more important for your enterprise.

When it comes to writing for business, marketing or sales purposes, there are two levels of competency:

1. The ability to write clearly and correctly.

2. The ability to write in an authentic, compelling way.

Nigel Temple has shown thousands of professional marketers, communications staff, executives, business owners and marketing agencies how to write well during his copywriting training workshops.

He delivers enjoyable training workshops and 1:1 sessions which make a real difference to copywriting knowledge and skills.

“Nigel’s support was second to none. Reviewing differing pieces of content I had created, Nigel offered his wealth of knowledge on how to improve. I certainly have done that. No topic was too big or too small. His friendly and supportive nature made learning an enjoyable process. I have been given a passion for writing again. Thank you Nigel!” ~ Laura McKenzie, Schaeffler

Once you connect with your ‘inner writer’, the words start to flow, both for traditional forms of communication and for digital marketing. Nigel’s approach makes it easy to improve comprehension and response rates.

Learn how to…

* Get the writing done quickly and improve quality
* Write interesting, engaging text that gets attention
* Improve your response rates

The emphasis is on practical skills that you can put to use immediately.

“I’ve had some really positive feedback about the copywriting training course and the team has said that it was was insightful.” Victoria Parker, Marketing Manager, Wightman & Parrish

“Nigel is a great facilitator and put everyone at their ease. He maintained engagement throughout the session. I enjoyed learning the easy to use techniques and the fact that I can apply them to my work straight away.” ~ Marketing executive , B2B company

Nigel Temple

Nigel originally trained as a professional copywriter and he has been writing ever since. He has written over three million words of promotional copy for thousands of different enterprises.

His first book was entitled Writing Copy for the Web. Nigel loves to write and he enjoys teaching business people how to improve their writing skills. [More]

Zoom copywriting training

Zoom works well for copywriting training, as it allows screen sharing. We can work our way through your copy, with dozens of tips, ideas and detailed feedback from Nigel.

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