Advertising copywriting training

Advertising copywriting training

Within Nigel Temple’s Advertising Copywriting Training workshop, learn how to write effective advertising copy for any mix of the following:

NigelTemplearmsfoldednotieVer2* Cinema advertising
* Direct mail advertising
* Email advertising
* Newspapers & magazines
* Online banner ads
* Outdoor advertising
* PoS (Point of Sale)
* Posters
* Radio advertising
* Search Engine adverts, i.e. Google Ads
* Social media advertising, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ads
* Television advertising
* Transport advertising
* Video advertising

During the workshop, we’ll look at your advertising copy and Nigel will provide insightful and helpful feedback. This is one of the best ways of learning how to improve your ad copy.

Discover how to write engaging, compelling advertising copy.

Nigel trained to become a professional copywriter in his 20s and he has been writing ever since.

During his copywriting training sessions, he reveals a series of  techniques to turbocharge your advertising copy.

Each item of marketing collateral has its own issues, doesn’t it?

A few simple changes in your advertising copy can make all the difference to your results.

Nigel can show you how to get and keep attention.

Learn how to improve readership and recall rates.

Discover how to boost engagement and results throughout your advertising campaigns.

To find out more about advertising copywriting training, or to request a quick quote, by all means get in touch.

Within the UK call:  01628 773128

From outside the UK call:  +44 1628 773128


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