Copywriting Masterclass

Copywriting Masterclass

Does your team already have copywriting experience? Are you looking for new ideas and constructive feedback on your copy?

Copywriting Masterclass agenda

► What are your copywriting challenges?
► How to generate new ideas on demand
► How to write quickly and increase quality
► How to get the reader’s attention when
they’re inundated with marketing messages
► Copywriting formulas: do they work?
► How to generate more response
► How to use storytelling in your copy
► Writing for different forms of collateral
► Dos and don’ts of AI copywriting
► How other copywriters are using ChatGPT
► Constructive feedback on your copy
► Answering your copywriting questions

The agenda can be tailored to your requirements.

The Copywriting Masterclass comprises an in-house training workshop at your offices or via Zoom. Nigel would read through your website beforehand. You are welcome to send him examples of your copy, so that he can provide live feedback.

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple copywriting trainer

Nigel Temple is a professional copywriter, SEO consultant, trainer, author and public speaker. He has trained thousands of copywriters. Nigel can help experienced copywriters to broaden their knowledge and become even better writers.

He has written over three million words of copy and he is knowledgeable, engaging and helpful.

Nigel shares practical, proven and powerful techniques during his in-house Copywriting Masterclasses.


“Many thanks for the sessions you’ve guided us through over the past few weeks. It’s been refreshing to really look at the copy that we’re putting out online. We’re all very thankful for your investment in our work and helpful advice.” ~ International marketing agency

“I’ve had some really positive feedback about the copywriting course and the team has said that it was was very insightful.” ~ Victoria Parker, Marketing Manager, Wightman & Parrish

To find out more about the Copywriting Masterclass, or request a quote, by all means get in touch.

From outside the UK call:  +441628773128

Within the UK call:  01628773128


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