Copywriting training course for beginners

Copywriting training course for beginners

Are you starting out as a copywriter? Either as a freelancer or within an agency or organisation? Do you need to learn the craft of copywriting for marketing communications? Nigel Temple offers a copywriting training course for beginners that packs 30 years of experience into a short course. It can be for an individual or groups of any size.

Discover how to set objectives, get the information that you need and write professional copy using a proven structure. Learn how to write quickly and well, particularly if you have a great many other things to do! The agenda is tailored to the type of writing that you will be doing (i.e. PR, printed matter, digital marketing).

Your copywriting trainer

Nigel Temple is a professional copywriter and trainer. He has written over three million words of copy for every type of promotional campaign.

His first book was entitled Writing Copy for the Web. Nigel loves to write and he enjoys teaching people how to improve their writing skills. He has shown thousands of executives, marketing communications professionals and marketing agency staff how to improve their copywriting skills.

Nigel Temple copywriting trainer and speaker

Training benefits

Increase your confidence, discover how the professionals write and have some fun along the way. Learn how to generate ideas, structure your copy, avoid writers block and get the writing done quickly.

To find out more about Nigel’s copywriting training course for beginners, or to receive a quick quotation by all means get in touch.

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