Copywriting training course for social media and blogs

Copywriting training course for social media and blogs

Are you looking for a copywriting training course for social media and blogs? Copywriting for the web is different to writing for traditional print media. The most effective results require new thinking with regards to structure and word order.

Learn webcopywriting skills for:
* Short and long blog copy
* Social media profiles and pages
* Social media posts
* Social media status updates

Here is a sample agenda:

Workshop: Copywriting for social media and blogs
► How people read screens
► How to structure blog copy
► How to make it compelling
► Writing headlines for the web
► How to write for social media
► How to increase engagement
► Dos and don’ts
► What Google is looking for

Nigel has worked with all forms of digital marketing and he has trained thousands of executives, marketing communications professionals, business owners and agency staff how to write fluidly and with confidence. He is particularly interested brand engagement.

People read screens and online content differently to the way in which they read newspapers and magazines – find out how during this course. The training style is fast paced, engaging, informative and results focused.

“Very useful. I really feel I have benefited.” ~ Chris Green, Matthew Arnold & Baldwin (Solicitors)

“Nigel has developed a reputation as one of our leading trainers. His sessions are well known to be of the highest standard. Year on year, he gets some of our best scores.” ~ Geoff Reason, CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing)

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