Copywriting training for digital marketing

Copywriting training for digital marketing

Are you looking for an in-house Copywriting Training for Digital Marketing workshop for your team? Copywriting for the web is different to writing for traditional print media. New thinking with regards to structure and word order.

Nigel provides training for:

* Website writing training
* SEO copywriting training
* Social media copywriting training
* Newsletters and emails copywriting training

Nigel has worked with all forms of digital marketing. He has trained thousands of marketing professionals, communications executives, business owners, charities and marketing agency staff.

He has shown them how to write fluidly and with confidence. He is an engaging trainer and his tips and ideas stay with you for a long time after the training.

Attention spans online are shorter than in the world of print. You have to write in a different way in order to get your message across.

Different forms of digital content

We can look at your website, blog, landing pages, newsletters, social media posts etc. Nigel will give you live feedback and ideas to improve your copy. At the same time, he will teach you the art and science of digital copywriting. 


“Many thanks for the sessions you’ve guided us through over the past few weeks. It’s been refreshing to really look at the copy that we’re putting out online. We’re all very thankful for your investment in our work and helpful advice.” ~ International marketing agency

“You made quite an impact Nigel!” ~ Janice Hawkins, Group Head of Sales and Marketing, Future Care Group

To find out more about the Copywriting Training for Digital Marketing workshop, or to receive a quotation by all means get in touch.

Within the UK call:  01628 773128

From outside the UK call:  +44 1628 773128


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