Copywriting training for email marketing

Copywriting training for email marketing

Nigel Temple is the UK’s leading MailChimp trainer. He has been writing digital newsletters, e-shots and sales emails since the last century.

Nigel can show you how to improve the wording within emails which are used for:

* Follow up
* Brand awareness
* Promoting events
* Promoting good causes
* Selling products
* Selling services

Here is a typical agenda:

► Seeing your emails from the reader’s perspective
► How to write effective email Subject lines
► How to structure your email copy
► Choosing the right tone and style
► How to make your copy more engaging
► Writing in the language of benefits
► Knowing the rules of English
► How to improve your email copy
► How to optimise your (limited!) writing time
► How to generate more response to your emails
► Email automation workflows
► Editing and proof-reading tips

Writing interesting and engaging newsletters combines both science and art. Nigel has sent out a newsletter every month for 17 years. He has provided feedback on countless newsletters for every conceivable type of organisation.

These are ‘single item’ emails. They include news announcements, event invitations and special offers. A few simple changes can make all of the difference to your response rates.

Sales emails
This is all about: A. Getting them opened and B. Generating a response. Nigel can show you to achieve both A and B.

To find out more, or to receive a quick quotation by all means get in touch.

Within the UK call:  01628773128

From outside the UK call:  +441628773128


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