Direct mail copywriting training

Direct mail copywriting training can make all the difference to your mailing campaigns. Nigel Temple delivers in-house training which is tailored to your organisation and objectives.

During the training, we will write a direct mail letter for your organisation, in order to demonstrate how all of the elements fit together.

►  Deciding on the campaign objectives
►  Getting into the mind of the customer
►  Selecting the most effective style
►  The key elements of an effective letter
►  Deciding on the length of the letter
►  How to increase readership rates
►  Writing in the language of benefits
►  Copywriting insights and tips
►  Writing effective calls to action

The course includes numerous insights into the psychology and practice of direct response / direct marketing campaigns.

The training is tailored to your needs and the type of direct response writing that you will be doing.

To find out more, or to receive a quick quotation by all means get in touch.

Within the UK call:  01628773128

From outside the UK call:  +441628773128


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