In-house website writing training

In-house website writing training


Are you bringing your website writing in-house? Are you looking for website writing training for your team? Learn how to write your own effective webcopy.

With the rise of digital marketing, the requirement for fresh content has never been more pressing. You may have tried using external copywriters to help with this. However, they can prove to be expensive. What is more, you may have found that their copy is ‘not quite right’.

The alternative approach is to do the writing in-house, using an in-house website writing system.

The challenges include deciding what to write, coming up with page and blog ideas, writing for the search engines, getting the writing done within the limited time available, creating a consistent style, meeting deadlines and getting input from colleagues.

Are you responsible for writing your website’s words?

Is it taking much longer that it should?

Would you like to make it all much easier?

Nigel Temple has helped many organisations with this challenge.

He can help you to create a system for generating the words that you require.

He can train your team in the skills required for webcopywriting.

Writing clear, easy to understand webcopy is one thing. Ensuring that your web pages are found by Google is another thing entirely. How do you write about your products and services and at the same time make your copy search engine friendly?

Nigel Temple is an experienced . He knows how difficult it can be to ‘get the writing done’. He has conducted research into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to attracting Google as well as making the webcopy easy to understand for website visitors. The result is SEO friendly copy that is easy to read.

Setting up systems and processes can make all the difference. No more arguments. No more stress over missed deadlines. No more confused customers.

This in-house training course is ideal for groups of any size. It can be combined with consultancy surrounding the issues involved within your enterprise.

Website writing course agenda

► The big picture: what are all of these words for?
► Coming up with original content ideas
► How to get the information that you require
► How to structure website content
► How to write effective website words and content
► How to write for human beings and for the search bots
► How people read screens and online content
► How to create a webcopy production process
► How to make it all happen

Writing Copy for the Web by Nigel Temple

Nigel’s first book was entitled Writing Copy for the Web and he has been researching, writing and delivering webcopwriting training workshops ever since.

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