Nigel Temple

Nigel TempleNigel Temple BA (Hons) Marketing,  originally trained as a professional copywriter and he has been writing ever since. He has written over three million words of promotional copy for thousands of different service, manufacturing, B2C and B2B enterprises.

His first book was entitled Writing Copy for the Web. Nigel served as a Faculty Member and Course Director with CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years.

Nigel puts everyone at their ease during his training sessions and copywriting talks. He motivates delegates to find their ‘inner copywriter’ and to enjoy the writing process – which is a core skill within a digital economy.

As someone who loves to write, he enjoys teaching people how to improve their writing skills. His average delegate satisfaction rating is 93%.

Nigel is a marketing trainer, speaker, author and social media marketing specialist. He is the founder of The Marketing Compass, a social media website which focuses on marketing issues. Nigel has worked with enterprises of all sizes on their marketing strategy and promotional campaigns.

Nigel holds an honours degree in marketing, from Greenwich University. He was originally trained to sell by Rank Xerox and is a trainer in Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping and Learning-to-Learn systems.

Nigel is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter who always packs a great deal into his presentations. He is an experienced seminar trainer / conference speaker, using a variety of approaches to embed the learning process. He carefully tailors each presentation to the needs of the client.

Nigel ran a PR and marketing services firm for nine years, handling national and international media relations campaigns.

“Your presentation was exceptional! I appreciate you researching our company and applying the principles of copywriting specifically tailored to our business. The way you delivered the presentation was informative, engaging and enjoyable. Our team felt genuinely inspired to incorporate your suggestions into their copy.” ~ Monika Jankauskaite, Digital Marketing Manager, Future Care Group | “I entirely agree. You made quite an impact Nigel!” ~ Janice Hawkins, Group Head of Sales and Marketing, Future Care Group

Here are some of Nigel’s favourite copywriting quotations; here is an explanation of the mysterious phrases found within copywriting terminology; and here are some copywriting resources.

Nigel has worked with charities, multinationals, professional firms, manufacturers, startups, small businesses and universities. His clients include Ambition Institute, Boyes Turner Solicitors, BMW, the Future Care Group, IDG (International Data Group), New London Architecture, the NHS, Nissan, General Motors, Schaeffler, Sport England, the UK Parliament and many others.